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Who are the Overseas Living Group Marbella

The Overseas Living Group directors all live and own property in Marbella. This allows them access to properties for sale that may not be listed on this or any other Spanish property site. If your looking for a bargain villa or apartment in Marbella for sale, let us search for your dream property using our FREE property finding service. We can source top quality investment property Marbella for sale including villas, apartments and penthouses in Marbella and surrounding areas of Costa Del Sol.

If your looking to market your property in the Costa Del Sol contact us today: The number one property site for Marbella and Costa del Sol property sales.
The Overseas Living Group is an independent advisory service based in Marbella, Spain. Our aim is to give good, honest, independent advice on all aspects of buying a property in Spain.

This web site offers a small selection of luxury properties available in the Marbella area. Please use the search facility to find properties that match your requirements. Alternatively, if you can not find something that is “just right,” let us help you, via our Costa Del Sol Property Finding Service.

Marbella and surrounding area Property Finding Service

Finding the right property at the best of times can be a time consuming and frustrating business. At the luxury end of the market, where the buyer’s requirements are quite rightly more specific, this is even truer. Add in the fact that you are looking in a foreign country, with a foreign language and thousands of miles from home, and the service of a good property finder becomes invaluable.
The “Property Finding” service is a popular and proven way of finding a property in many countries around the world and The Overseas Living Group are proud to bring the concept to Spain.

Some frequently asked questions

Why would I use The Property Finding service?
There are a number of reasons. Firstly it’s worth understanding how the estate Agency business in Spain works.
To start with, one of the biggest differences between Spain, the UK and Ireland is, that in Spain, it is almost unheard of to sell a property on a “sole agency” basis. In fact most sellers put their property with several different agents. This leads to the same property appearing on numerous web sites often at different prices due either because the seller has asked for the property to be advertised at different prices or because of the huge differences in Commission that different agents charge.
A good property finder will know a properties best price and which agent is selling a particular property with a sensible commission rate.

Another difference is that agents share properties with other agents. They do this by joining one of a number of property listing organisations. These are usually internet based companies who allow an agent to upload their properties onto a web site or property portal. Each member agent then has access to all these properties.

Now, the problem with this, is that you may end up dealing with an agent who has little knowledge of the properties that you are interested in, or even, little knowledge of your preferred area. It may be an agent that opened his business yesterday, joined a listing organisation and today appears to have thousands of properties.

This type of agent will be far more interested in selling one of the few properties that they have on their books because then, they do not have to share the commission with another agent. A good property finder will be able to source a property that matches your requirements regardless of which agent has been instructed.

In short, it is very difficult to get good, impartial advice from an estate agent whereas that is exactly what you get with a good property finder.

How does it work with The Overseas Living Group?

1. We will discuss your requirements and get a clear understanding of your criteria. By that we mean, not just the basics like number of bedrooms, with or without pool etc., but a full understanding of what style of property you like, what type of area you want and all the emotional and small details that go into such a big decision.

2. We will discuss the buying process with you to make sure you fully understand all the costs involved.

3. With our intimate knowledge of the Marbella and Costa Del Sol local market we will select a number of properties that we think will match your requirements. We will usually send you details of these properties and discuss them with you in order to refine our understanding of what you want. Our aim at this stage is to have a selection of suitable properties for you to view when you come over to Spain.

4. When you are ready to come to Spain and view properties we will spend as much or as little time with you as you want. We will collect you from the airport, your hotel or any preferred location and we will escort you to as many properties as you feel you want to see.

5. If you see a property on any web site or any publication and you think it may be of interest, we will visit that property on your behalf and check that it does match your requirements.

6. When you find a suitable property we will help negotiate the best price and terms. You are our customer and we will act in your interests (the estate agent’s customer is the seller). We will help you all the way through to completion and beyond, introducing you to independent lawyers, mortgage companies, furniture suppliers and currency exchange Companies if required.

The Overseas Living Group Marbella Spain

OLG is run by three, very “hands on” directors all of whom are based permanently in the Marbella area. We pride ourselves on being honest and professional in everything we do.
We have offices in Spain and the UK and we publish the details of these on our web site together with full contact details. When you look at other web sites take a moment to see who is behind the Company that you are considering dealing with. Are they based in Spain? Who is behind the Company?

Why are The Overseas Living Group more likely to find the right property than me?

1. We have an intimate knowledge of the local market. We live in the Marbella area and know what is going on week by week.

2. We have access to practically every property that is for sale on the Coast. We have access to all the major property listing companies (not just one, like most estate agents). We deal with most estate agents including, very importantly, small, local, independent agents who you may never come across particularly if you are searching via the internet. They are often the agents who have the best properties at the best prices. We also have relationships with Banks and auction houses who may be selling repossessions.
Our strong relationships often mean we know of available properties before they come to the market.

How much does this service cost?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. In fact almost always, we will save you money by finding your property via an agent charging a realistic commission and by helping you negotiate the lowest possible price for the property.

How does The Overseas Living Group earn money from finding me a property?

We receive a payment from the estate agent, bank or auction house that has listed the property.
Clearly we want you to buy a property – but then so do you. The point is, we are not tied to any particular agent, we do not act on behalf of the seller and we really have no motive to recommend you any particular property or area other that what suits YOU. We are completely free to recommend something that is best for you.

So, in summary, what we aim to do is:-

• Take the leg work and stress out of finding a property.
• Ensure we are one of the first to obtain relevant properties as they come onto the market.
• Save you wasted time and costly journeys looking for property for sale in Marbella and Costa Del Sol.
• Save endless frustrating telephone calls/e-mails to a multitude of estate agents.
• Ensure you only receive property details that are relevant to your requirements.
• Offer a seven day a week service.
• Provide a friendly, informative and professional approach to the business of acquiring your new property.
• Give you peace of mind, knowing you have someone in situ with local knowledge and working on your behalf.